It is because of all the help we receive from our many great volunteers that we are able to do so much for all of the DHS Athletics teams. We welcome help from anyone generous enough to spare their time and effort.

We are looking for 2 volunteers to Co-Chair the Dealer Liaison position for the 2019 Antique Show. The Dealer Liaisons will serve as facilitators between the Boosters’ Antique Show Committee and antique dealers, ie. coordinate existing dealers, find potential new dealers, manage mailings, booth rentals/payments, and floor plan layout.  We hope to fill this opening as soon as possible so that the people taking on these roles can have the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Antique Show for a little on-the-job training. Please consider being a part of this fun and important fundraising effort! Contact duxantiqueshowdlrs@gmail.com if you can help.

The DHS Athletic Boosters are in charge of staffing and funding the concessions,  so we will also be in need of more volunteers once concession season is back in full swing! Please be sure to check back here again soon if you can help there too.