(updated 9/10/2019)

Executive Committee

Role Name Email
President Kim Ballerene duxburyboosters@gmail.com
Vice President Genny Reynolds vpduxboosters@gmail.com
Treasurer Jen Quinlan treasurerduxboosters@gmail.com
Secretary Lori Mullin secduxboosters@gmail.com
Athletic Director Thom Holdgate tholdgate@duxbury.k12.ma.us


Committee Name Email
Membership Jill Collins membershipduxboosters@gmail.com
Concession Stand:
Grillmeister Dave Rakauskas
Sign-up Genius Kim Walser
Open Jen Quinlan
Close Marty Kearns
Sysco/Inventory /Pepsi Heather Tolve
Antique Show:
Co-chair Amy Coon
Co-chair Chrissie Murphy
Dealer Liaison Meghan Quigley duxantiqueshowdlrs@gmail.com
Bake Sale Nancy Day
Bake Sale Melissa DiPalma
Food Julie Borjeson
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Peters
Treasurer Tracy McGill
Social Media Chrissy Record

Team Reps

Fall Sports

Sport Name
Football Siobhan Perenick
Boys Soccer Kristin Rappe
Girls Soccer Kate Eldredge
Boys X Country Meghan Quigley
Girls X Country Nancy Day
Cheerleading Kerin Caieiro
Field Hockey Cristin Mitchell
Boys Golf Genny Reynolds

Winter Sports

Sport Name
Boys Basketball Lori Mullin
Girls Basketball Jennifer Ryan
Boys Hockey Colleen Jones
Todd Jones
Girls Hockey Julie Pittinger
Skiing Kerry McNulty
Boys Swimming Katherine Shepler
Chris Shepler
Girls Swimming Kate Murphy
Boys Winter Track Colleen Slocum
Girls Winter Track
Wrestling Katie Brill

Spring Sports

Sport Name
Boys Spring Track Colleen Slocum
Girls Spring Track Melissa DiPalma
Sailing Kristin Rappe
Boys Tennis Christine Cass
Girls Tennis Heather Sapia
Softball Kelly Laviolette
Baseball Jennifer Ayers
Boys Lacrosse Fleur Pang
Girls Lacrosse Andrea Lema
Girls Golf Annie and Brent Watts
Boys Crew Jeannine Stanwood
Girls Crew Rebecca and Kevin Kavanagh
Girls Crew Jen Weldon